Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Residual Income for December

eHow       $921.21
D.S          $28.82
Webika    $40.94
Suite        $22.76

Total Residual Income for December $1,013.73

December was not a bad month for residual income considering I really didn't do any writing. But I'm off during the short winter session from work, so I've been adding to my Suite101 article collection. January is half over, and I've almost doubled the number of articles I have at Suite. My income for Suite right now is almost $22, and there are still two more weeks left this month. It still doesn't seem like Suite pays that well, but I know that the more I write there, the better I'll get at trying to increase my earnings per article.

eHow earnings are still doing surprisingly well. I still miss the old eHow days when I could add articles, and there was a lot of activity on the forums. I still plan on writing more residual earning articles at Demand Studios, but I probably won't put any effort into DS until I've written at least 300 Suite articles.

How are your residual earnings? Have you found any residual earning Web sites that pay as well as eHow?