Monday, February 7, 2011

Residual Income for January 2011

Residual Income Earnings for January 2011

eHow $1.202.06
Demand Studios $42.76
Suite101 $52.84
Webika $23.03

Total Residual Income Earnings for January 2011: $1,320.69

I believe that January 2011 has been an all time high for residual earnings. I more than doubled my income at Suite101 from last month by writing about 40 more articles over the last six weeks. I've been writing articles that have low competition according to Google Adwords Keyword tool. Unfortunately, I have to return to my part-time tutoring job in a few weeks, so I won't have as much time to write. 

eHow earnings did very well last month, and I hope they'll continue to pay off. Every time eHow does something--like close the writer's forums this month--I get a little nervous. Nothing is for certain anymore, especially in this economy. But I feel better about writing for residual income than getting a "real" job since writing for online income pays more, at least for me. 

Suite101 does not pay as well as Demand Studios, but I'm hoping to improve my residual earnings per article over time. I think I'm getting a little better at SEO and I'm getting more views by watching the competition for keywords. Right now I'm estimating that I earn about 85 cents per each Suite101 article every month, but it's up from 50 cents a few months ago.  

I hope everyone is still earning a lot of residual income from eHow.

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