Sunday, March 6, 2011

Residual Income for February 2011

Residual Income Earnings for February 2011
eHow $1,150.41
Demand Studios $32.74
Suite101 $55.25
Total Residual Income Earnings for February 2011: $1,238.40

Well eHow earnings are up. They're a little lower than last month's, but that's only because February is such a short month.

Suite101 Residual Income

I wrote several articles for Suite101 last month; however, my earnings at Suite are not that much higher than last month's residual earnings. Also, as most people know, there was a Google change that negatively affected about 30 percent of Suite's views.  Only time will tell if it's going to be worthwhile writing for Suite101 in the future.

Demand Studios

I haven't written anything for Demand Studios in a while. I've looked at their titles, and there really isn't anything I can write about. There are a lot of titles for mechanical things, so if you're someone who's good at writing mechanical things like cars, now is probably a good time to head over to DS. 

DS was also not affected by Google's change. Seems they were smart enough to see it coming and acted accordingly. 


I've been checking out BrightHub. Evidently, they weren't affected by the Google meltdown. BrightHub pays a small upfront fee for many of their articles along with a small amount of residual earnings. I haven't applied there yet. I'm really more interested in residual income only. 

As far as Google goes, it seems as if quality is more important quantity. But Google's been stating this for awhile. They posted on their blog a few months ago that they were going to rank content farms lower in search results. And now that it's happening to a lot of sites, people seem to be scrambling and maybe freaking out a little. I think it's important for online writers to be careful about whom they write for. Here's a list of the sites that were affected the most by Google.  

I've also written a more detailed account of my recent residual income earnings experiences last month on my WordPress blog