Saturday, April 9, 2011

Residual Income and Niche Sites

I've been working on new niche site; however, after reading and watching videos from Pat's SmartPassiveIncome blog, I can see why I'm not making a lot of progress. Granted I just started this new site less than a month ago, but I was hoping to see at least one view for the site in my Google Analytics account.

After reading Pat's Niche Site Duel Hub Challenge, I can see why my new niche site is not showing any progress. First of all, I set up my new niche WordPress site without using some very important plugins. Pat suggests the following plugins:

  • All in One SEO Pac
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Easy Privacy Policy
  • Google Analyticator

Another mistake I made was not doing thorough keyword research before buying my domain name. The domain name I chose for my weight loss niche site is not good for search ranking optimization. Even though I'm making changes to my weight loss niche site and still putting up content, I'm now taking Pat's advice and I purchased Market Samurai. For my next niche site, I'm using Market Samurai to make sure I choose a domain name that gets a good amount of traffic and has a reasonable level of competition.

It took me about a week to get the hang of Market Samurai. I watched the tutorial videos on Noble Samurai's site and Pat's video from his Niche Duel Challenge. Of course I wanted to pull my hair out at first, but now I finally feel comfortable using the software to find my next niche domain name. If you're interested in Market Samurai (affiliate link), you can use the product for free for a week before deciding to purchase it. Also, if you sign up for the free trial, they'll offer you a nice discount.

This week I'm going to be using Pat's advice about creating backlinks for my weight loss niche site, and I'm going to be using Market Samurai to find another niche domain name.

I'm very motivated right now to increase my residual earnings through niche sites. I work part time for a California community college, and there are going to be heavy budget cutbacks starting next semester. I have a feeling that the few hours I have right now are going to dwindle or totally disappear. The good news is that I have a lot of passion for earning passive income on the Web, so if I'm out of a job, at least I'll have a lot of time to devote to niche sites.


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